The Community Pope John XXIII (APG23) is an international association of the faithful of pontifical right. Founded in 1968 by Don Oreste Benzi, the association works concretely to remove the causes that generate poverty, injustice and marginalization through direct sharing with the latter.

APG23 is present in 42 countries around the world with more than 500 places of sharing provided by family homes, canteen for the poor, shelters for victims of trafficking and asylum seekers, therapeutic communities, shelters for the homeless. The Community also operates through humanitarian emergency and development cooperation projects, and is present in the conflict zones with its own nonviolent peace corps “Operation Dove”.

In 2006, APG23 obtained the special consultative status at ECOSOC and since 2009 Apg23 started a permanent presence in Geneva with its permanent representative at the UN,  to be the voice of those who have no voice.

Apg23 & Human Corridor:

Apg23 is the coordinator of the Human Corridor project, therefore responsible for the coordination between the partners and the management of the project. In addition, Apg23 is responsible for some work packages and actively collaborates in the implementation of many activities:

  • the first phase of the project aimed at researching on the past experience of humanitarian corridors and on comparable practices implemented in Europe,
  • the need assessment of Syrian to be resettled from Lebanon and Italy as a host country and the need assessment of Italy as hosting country
  • the IT development of the web platform,
  • the pre-departure activities for Syrian beneficiaries in Lebanon through its nonviolent peace corps “Operation Colomba”,
  • the reception of 60 Syrian beneficiaries and the support to their integration pathways in Italy.