Take a sad song, and make it better!

Musaab is 14 years old, he is Syrian, he lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon and suffers from aplastic anemia, a lethal form of leukemia from which he can be cured only with a bone marrow transplant. Musaab lives in a refugee camp in the village of Tel Abbas where he meets the volunteers of Operazione Colomba, nonviolent peace corps of the Community Association Pope John XXIII, who live alongside Syrian refugees and collaborate with the Community of Sant’Egidio for the realization of the humanitarian corridors.

Musaab is 16 years old, he is Syrian, he lives in Italy and has successfully received bone marrow transplantation. Musaab lives in Saronno (Milan) and together with his big family has started to live his new life! Go to the news

The humanitarian corridors have saved Musaab’s life and have given a new chance to all his family.